A master of materials talks contemporary interior design.

Jess Hunter Interior Design  |  Boutique interior design studio  |  Southern Highlands, NSW.

Photography by Natalie Hunfalvay

Jess Hunter’s impeccable eye has resulted in an enviable portfolio of award-winning projects. Among other stunning spaces, her own home in NSW’s Southern Highlands encapsulates a special talent for blending industrial structure with crafted, natural finishes; contemporary fixtures with heritage pieces, all brought together by her knack for complementary materials. Jess was kind enough to take a moment from her hectic schedule to share some thoughts on the state of things in interior design.  

Jess Hunter Interior Design
You’ve recently been featured in Inside Out and Grand Designs Australia. What are you seeing as the emerging trends in interior design? 

Trends are funny things, I try and steer clear of them to be honest. I strongly believe in finding my clients’ own individual styles and developing them into their spaces. In saying that we definitely make sure we are all over the new and emerging materials and what we have available to us in order to develop our clients’ styles. We are seeing a lot of organic and natural materials and shapes. Which I love! Wabi Sabi is a style that is definitely captivating me at the moment. It is all about embracing the imperfections which, when you’re looking at natural materials, are all around you.

Suhm Interior design, number sixteen, Berrima
Are there some things you see that keep coming back? Something that will never go out of style?

Yes: black tapware. It started as a trend around 8 years ago, and now it is a staple. Black has definitely become a new “classic” in tapware. There is no fear of it going out of style anytime soon.

We love how you take heritage and contemporary elements to create a timeless aesthetic. How would you describe your perfect home interior?

My perfect interior is when you walk in and you take a deep breath and relax. It is the feeling you get from everything around you. For me that is a monochromatic palette with texture! Texture and layers of materials are a big part of giving you that feeling. It takes an interior from flat, clinical and blah to an emotional experience. Shower me with natural fibres, linen, jute, cotton, stone, wool, timbers etc. and I am in my element.

Bathroom design at Number Sixteen, Berrima
Yes, but just dumping heaps of different textures and materials in a room doesn’t always work. There’s an art to what you do. Speaking of art, choosing a piece of art can be hard (and expensive). Especially if you can’t agree with a significant other or client. Have you got any tips?

Buy what you love — trust your gut (always). And if you don’t agree, buy 2!

Love that. So what are you loving in the art world at the moment?

I love architectural art. It could be a photograph of an incredible Palm Springs building or a sketch of an old farm shed. I just LOVE it.

Keep an eye on our Architecture collection as we’re definitely on the same page there.

For regular inspiration or to get in touch about a project, make sure you follow Jess Hunter Interiors, and her new collaborative venture, FORM Studio.


Suhm Morning StretchMorning Stretch pictured at Jess Hunter’s Number Sixteen, Berrima. Image by Daniel Shipp.

Jess’s house is featured in many of our product shots and we’re proud to have her as one of our trade partners. For more information on trade partnerships, collaborations, or to be featured in our Journal, don’t hesitate to contact us

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