How big are the frames?

Frames are measured between the outer edges of the frame. Please note, due to their handcrafted nature, there may be minute variations.

Suhm Frame Size Chart

Frame Size
Small (S)
220 x 310mm
8.5 x 12"
Medium (M)
440 x 640mm
17 x 25"
Large (L)
640 x 940mm
25 x 37"
XLarge (XL)
840 x 1240mm
33 x 49"
XXLarge (XXL) 1040 x 1540mm 41 x 60.5"


How big are the prints?

Print Size
Small (S)
190 x 280mm
7.5 x 11"
Medium (M)
410 x 610mm
16 x 24"
Large (L)
600 x 900mm
23.5 x 35.5"
XLarge (XL)
800 x 1200mm
31.5 x 47"
XXLarge (XXL) 1000 x 1500mm 39.5 x 59"


How long will my delivery take?

Generally, the production time is two weeks plus delivery. For more information on shipping, please see our Delivery page.

Can I change my delivery address?

You can contact us via the Contact page to update a shipping address as long as your order has not been shipped. To change your delivery address after shipment you can contact the courier directly. The details will be included in the email you receive with your tracking number.

How is the artwork created?

All Suhm designs and collaborations are original concepts and illustrated using a combination of traditional and digital media. Any resemblance to existing artworks are purely coincidental. While we are inspired by everything from the exceptional to the mundane, every item is a product of our imagination and crafted from scratch and finished by hand. That’s why even in the most precise, vector-looking designs, you'll find textures and line-quality consistent with freehand illustration. While there are plans to produce one-off original paintings, currently each piece is a museum-grade quality print.  

What type of printer do you use?

We use a 60” Epson P20070, using genuine Epson UltraChrome Pro inks (11 colour set).

What type of paper do you use?

We print to a 310gsm 100% cotton rag for longevity and crisp detailThey are archival quality and guaranteed not to fade or bleed for up to 100 years, provided they are kept in a reasonable environment (not in extended periods of direct sunlight, damp, etc.). It is the industry standard in galleries worldwide. Our unframed prints are on a digital lustre to ensure toner adhesion and brilliant colour reproduction. Limited Edition artwork may vary in production and materials – see the individual product description for more details.

Tell me about the frames.

Our framed prints are archival quality and box framed, creating significant depth between the artwork and the 3mm museum-grade plexiglass. Artwork is set to the back of the frame by use of white spacers – known as shadow box frames (see image below). Limited artwork may feature black spacers which will be noted in the product description. Each frame is made to order and carefully assembled. Frames are available in White, Black or Tasmanian Oak. Frame is 45mm deep x 28mm width at the front for the Large (L), XLarge (XL) and XXLarge (XXL) sized frames. Frame is 40mm deep x 20mm width at the front for the Small (S) and Medium (M) sized frames. 

Suhm Box FramesWhy do you use plexiglass?

The 3mm plexiglass we use is museum-grade. It is lighter than glass, helps to protect your work from UV damage and also has the added advantage of being shatter proof.

How do I hang my framed prints?

All frames come with quality hanging hardware installed. For the Small (S) and Medium (M) frames, it is a standard wire (single hook). All other sizes (L, XL and XXL), consist of two D-rings (double hooks). If you're moderately handy, and possess a few basic tools, hanging a picture frame well can be a very satisfying experience. Your order comes with instructions to assist you. If you're renowned for needing a professional to repair your attempts at home improvement, it’s probably best to find a local art installer who will do the job for you – for example: (based in Sydney).

My favourite colour is orange. Can I customise any of the designs?

For custom designs and commissions, please contact us via the Contact page. We can produce artwork to almost any specifications within reason.

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

The egg. It’s science.

Tell me more.

Please go to our Contact page and let us know how we can help you.